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Some common questions asked by our guests.

  • Do many people take the tours alone?

    Yes many guests travel by themselves and they have a great time! Most tours have a number of guests who are travelling on their own. The experience of travel builds great friendships that can last a lifetime. Just remember that all our tours are fully guided so your guide will be looking to ensure everyone has a excellent day and joins in with the group.

  • Are the tours only for young travelers?

    Definitely not. All of our day tours are suitable for all ages (must be over 5 years).  Those with mobility issues should ring our office to check the suitability of the tour.

  • Do I have to make a reservation?

    Yes it is always best to make a reservation either online or by phone. This way you are guaranteed a seat and will receive departure information and finalize your payment. Bookings can be made up to 1 hour prior to departure on this website. If you decide at the last minute, you can just turn up at the departure point and try your luck. If there are spare seats, the guide will sell you a ticket but he is only able to take cash.

  • What if I am booked on a tour and it is raining?

    As long as the weather conditions are not considered dangerous, tours operate as normal during periods of rain. Some guests who book on our tours and are here for only a couple of days, expect us to operate no matter what the weather is. We can’t forecast what the weather will be like the next day, our guess is as good as yours or the weather service! How upset would our guests be if we cancelled a tour and the next day turned out to be brilliant.

  • What if I need to cancel my tour?

    You can cancel your tour up to 24 hours prior to departure and receive a full refund.. If you provide us with less than 24 hours notice – no refund is given.

  • Can I change the date of my tour?

    Tour dates may be changed up to 24 hours prior to departure. No charge. You cannot change the date of your tour with less than 24 hours notice.

  • What if I sleep in or miss my transport to the departure point?

    Be early for departure as there are no refunds if you miss the bus or are at the wrong pickup location. Be sure you know where the bus will leave from and plan your journey (if you are coming from a distance) so you get there in plenty of time. You should be at the departure point at least 10 minutes to the advised departure time of the tour.

  • Do you offer any group discounts?

    Yes we do! If you have a group of 5 or more travelling together we will offer you a discount of 20% off the standard tour price. This must be booked direct with us over the phone by credit card. This does not apply to booking made over the internet or through a travel agent. Travel Agents are paid a commission to book the tour with us so may be willing to offer a discunt to a group booking through them.

  • I have booked a day tour but I will have booked out of my hotel. Can I bring my luggage?

    No we are sorry we cannot take luggage on any day tour. Day tour buses do not have a luggage compartment and by law we are not allowed to carry luggage in te passenger compartment. You will need to make arrangements with the hotel you have stayed in. Mots have a luggage room.

  • Where will the tour finish?

    All tours finish back where they started from and you will be dropped back to the same location where you were picked up from. Occasionally you may have been picked up at a hotel that afternoon traffic makes it difficult to get to back to. In these cases you will be dropped as close as we can get and you will have to make your way back by foot. This will be the fastest option in heavy traffic.

  • Can I bring my own food?

    Lunch is provided on both the “North Stradbroke Island” and “Springbrook and Tamborine Rainforest” Tours but we do not provide morning and afternoon tea. No meal is provided on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Noosa Tour. You may like to bring snacks but we ask that you do not eat snacks or other food on the buses. Coffee / tea or drinks (apart from water) are not allowed on buses. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you on the tour. On the Stradbroke Island tour, the ferry to and from the Island has a café.

  • Should I tip the guide?

    In Australia tipping is not expected but always welcomed. Most likely you do tip the waiter or the taxi driver for good service. Why not the tour guide? We are sure it will be greatly appreciated. Remember that he has looked after you all day and will have worked long hours when you take into consideration the preparation and cleanup time. Our tour guides do not accept any commissions from businesses you may go to on your tour.

  • What should I wear and bring on the tour?

    You should wear your normal travel clothes but we would recommend enclosed shoes such as runners. Here are a few tips on each destination;

    Stradbroke Island: Sandals or thongs (flip flops) are Ok. There is a chance to swim at both Cylinder Beach and Brown Lake if you wish so bring along a towel and bathers.

    Springbrook / Tamborine: These are rainforest area so there is a higher likelihood of rain. A waterproof jacket or umbrella is always a good idea.

    Gold Coast: There is a chance to swim so bring towel and bathers if you want to swim.

    General: Sunscreen is a must in Australia at all times. A hat, insect repellent, and a bottle of water is a good idea. The mountains regions can be 3 to 4 degrees cooler than Brisbane so something warm is advisable.

  • Can I just get a transfer to Tamborine?

    No. We do not go direct to Tamborine so you would have to take a normal tour and depart the tour when we reach Tamborine. However you should note that we cannot carry any luggage.